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The right auto insurance policy allows you to enjoy independence behind the wheel. It is important to get affordable insurance from a reputable auto or car insurance company, so that you’re prepared and protected at all costs. Your Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping you find the best auto insurance coverage that will keep you and your wallet safe.

Why Choose Our Auto Insurance Brokering?

At Our Insurance Agency, our mission is to provide you with cheap auto or car insurance quotes that won’t disappoint. We understand that vehicle owners need premium auto insurance with personalized service that delivers the best auto insurance value possible. As a trustworthy auto insurance agency, we will closely work with you to find an auto insurance policy that fits your individual needs and budget.

Obtaining auto insurance is a crucial financial decision that you simply cannot drive without. Since policies vary with coverage options, our goal is to provide you with quotes from A+ rated auto insurance companies with excellent ability to meet their obligations when you need security and peace of mind the most. Our expert auto insurance brokers will work with you to create an auto insurance policy that guarantees your needs. When you need an insurance policy, Our Insurance Agency auto/ car insurance agents will find you the best auto insurance prices and assist you in making an informed decision through our comprehensive auto insurance comparison experience.

Our Insurance Agency Auto Insurance Services

At Our Insurance Agency, our mission is simple – to help you find the best auto insurance that can protect you and your vehicle within budget. Although the State of Texas only requires vehicle owners to get liability coverage, most auto insurance companies provide a standardized policy known as the Texas Personal Automobile Policy. Within this policy you can receive up to eight different types of coverage for cars, trucks, rentals, rvs, vans, motorcycles, and vans to name a few:

Liability Coverage – This offers ample protection in the event that a collision was your fault. It covers all costs to pay for the repairs for property damage, medical expenses from the resulting injuries caused by the crash.

Collision Coverage – This coverage ensures that your insurance provider will pay off the repairs that your car incurred during a covered accident. In the case of a totaled car, collision coverage will pay out the value of your vehicle’s worth before the accident.

Comprehensive Coverage – It covers car repairs for non-collision accidents, such as in the case of theft, fire, hail, vandalism and water damage. You need to pay a certain deductible or out of pocket expense before your insurer provides you with reimbursement for a covered claim.

Medical Payments Coverage – This coverage will help in paying for costs associated with the injuries incurred by passengers and family members who are driving your insured vehicle. It also includes hospital visits, surgical procedures, and diagnostic procedures to name a few.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection – This coverage additional protection in any auto-related accident and covers medical expenses, pain and suffering, including lost wages for you and your passengers. It also covers you and your passengers, if you are victims of a hit-and-run accident.

Personal Injury Protection – Also called as no-fault insurance, this coverage pays for your medical expenses in the event of a vehicular accident. It basically covers medical costs for injuries regardless of who is at fault for the accident. In some cases, this coverage also takes care of lost wages, replacement household, childcare service-related expenses, and funeral costs.

Gap Insurance – As the name implies, this cover pays the gap between the depreciated value of your car and what you still owe on the car if your vehicle has been totaled or stolen. Also called as loan or lease gap coverage, this is only available for original loan or leaseholder of a new vehicle.

Rental Reimbursement Coverage – This coverage helps pay rental car expenses while your vehicle is being repaired after a covered accident. This optional coverage is relatively inexpensive and is worth the investment for some vehicle owners.

Towing and Labor Coverage – This coverage takes care of costs when you experience car troubles and need roadside assistance and towing services. It also covers for services, including tire changes, jump-starts, lockouts, and fuel delivery.

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Our Insurance Agency will find the best auto insurance policies for you through our expert knowledge and affiliations with the best A+ rated insurance companies in Frisco TX. At Our Insurance Agency, you will get quality auto insurance coverage, unmatched customer service, competitive rates, and special savings that other auto insurance agencies fail to deliver.

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